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Landing Page Protection

To protect your landing pages from spyware parsing, PeerClick developed a special protection functionality. It means that a special key is generated in the campaign link, which is valid for a certain period of time, it’s 300 seconds by default, the system correlates the time difference between clicking on the tracker's campaign link and opening the landing page. Plus, the IP address and the User-agent are corresponded.

That means a person can get to the landing page only through the link of the campaign. And after going through the campaign link, the landing page will be available via a direct link for 300 seconds, after this time interval passed, or just by direct linking to the landing link, a white page will be displayed.
You can set any interval.

In order to function the protection it is necessary to add the following tokens to the landing page URL: &pr_key={pr_key} Plus, you need to copy a special script by clicking the Copy button and paste it at the very beginning of the landing code.

Or, if you need to show some other content, instead of a white page. You need to copy the code below, and insert a white landing page that will be shown instead of a white page when you do not gо through the campaign link to the appropriate blocks, in this case it’s the 1st block

and you need to paste the actual page that will be shown when you go through the campaign link at the 2nd block.

This way you are will protected from spyware.

Updated 10 months ago

Landing Page Protection

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