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GoDaddy: Setting up a Custom Domain

In order to use a custom domain for tracking from the GoDaddy provider you need to, first of all, purchase it and then, secondly, configure it according to instructions below.

While adding the custom domain to PeerClick, you need to take into account that, currently, SSL is not supported for the custom domain setup. Therefore, none of URLs in your ad campaigns can use a secure connection with your custom domain (https://).

The following section described how to set up the redirection from your custom domain ("" in this example) to the PeerClick Dedicated Domain. To do so, perform the following steps:
1) Purchase your domain at and sign in to your account.
2) In the My Products tab click the DNS button right to the domain you want to add to PeerClick.
3) In the Records card click the Add button.

Spell it

4) Select the CNAME from the Type drop-down menu.
5) Copy the address of your Dedicated Domain address from the Domains tab in PeerClick and provide it into the field.
6) Select the Custom time from the TTL (Time To Live, i.e. time to propagate all changes through the network) drop-down menu and set it to the lower value in the Seconds field, for example: "60" seconds, for faster DNS settings propagation.
7) Click the Save button.
8) The new CNAME record for your subdomain ("track") should point to your PeerClick domain. Strictly

To do so, perform the following steps:
1) Sign in to PeerClick.
2) Click the Domain (top right screen). Your account data view will show up.
3) Click the Add another domain button. The new field will show up in the section.
4) Provide the name of your custom subdomain, for example

5) Go to the above Main domain section. Select the custom subdomain from the drop-down menu.

PeerClick Info

The main domain is used as a domain while generating campaign, click, and tracking pixel URLs. In one campaign funnel all those URLs need to be set with the same domain. Once you have selected the domain from the drop-down menu, the domain name will be automatically set up in all campaign, click, tracking pixel URLs in the PeerClick platform.

6) Click the Save button. You have added the custom domain to PeerClick.

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GoDaddy: Setting up a Custom Domain

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