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PeerClick Advanced Features List

PeerClick team develops new features constantly and improves the quality of basic functionality. List of advanced features provided with Basic + tariff and higher:

  • Anti-fraud - detection of suspicious traffic, read more here.

  • LP Protection - reliable protection against spyware parsing programs that can access and copy your landing page content.

  • Web-site protection - passing moderation with substituting of content that does not pass this moderation for sure. Read more here.

  • Update cost - updating of costs transferred from the traffic source to the tracker.

  • Rules - access to the settings of all campaign rules, such as City, Visitors timezone, all kinds of rules for Connection, Devices, Referrer, Url, Variables.

  • Clear statistics - clearing the campaign's statistics in a selected time range.

  • Additional report parameters - additional report grouping by 4 parameters.

  • Send Postback,% - setting the percentage of postbacks that will be sent to the traffic source.

  • Smart Rotation - optimization of traffic distribution according to established methods.

  • MetaRefresh/ Double MetaRefresh - hiding your landing page from an affiliate network.

  • Update cost - updating the amount of costs for a specified period of time.

  • Charts - charts of visits, clicks, conversions, revenue, cost and profit.

  • Clicks log - display of visits/clicks in the order of occurrence and detailed information about them.

  • Update conversions - updating the status, profit, description, costs (only for CPA) of the selected conversions in the conversion log.

List of features provided with Advanced tariff and higher:

  • Trends - all traffic statistics, grouped by various parameters.

  • Multi-user - additional users that have access to campaigns, flows, offers, landings, sources and affiliate networks.

  • Affiliate Panel - a special workspace for advertisers, where they can create their own affiliate network.

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PeerClick Advanced Features List

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