RichPush Integration


Step 1. Add RichPush as a Traffic Source in PeerClick

In your PeerClick account, go to the Traffic Sources tab > click the blue New button on the left > type RichPush in the search menu > click Add:


Step 2. Start a Campaign in PeerClick

Once you’ve added RichPush as a traffic source, go to the Campaigns tab > click New. Enter the information about your campaign: Campaign name, Source (choose RichPush), Offers (please note: offers should be added in PeerClick before you create a campaign), Landing Page and other relevant data > click Create.

Your Campaign URL will be generated automatically. Please, copy Campaign URL. You may remove the macros you don't wish to use for this Campaign.


Step 3. Start a Campaign in RichPush

In to your RichPush account, go to Campaigns > Get push traffic > New push campaign > copy Campaign URL from PeerClick to Destination URL* field:


Enter all the necessary data for your campaign (images, text, etc.) and click Create a Campaign on the bottom.

Well done!