PopCash Integration


Step 1. Add PopCash as a Source in PeerClick

Navigate the Sources tab in PeerClick and press New. Choose PopCash from the catalog and click Add. PopCash will be added to your Sources.


Step 2. Setting Up a Campaign in PeerClick

The next step is to launch a Campaign in PeerClick with PopCash as a Source. Choose PopCash a s Source for the Campaign, fill in all the Campaign’s details and start it. Copy the Campaign URL from the correspondent field:


By default, all PopCash macros are automatically attached to the link. You may remove the macros you don't wish to use. In order to properly track conversions, make sure to keep the {external_id} macros. For PopCash, it’s {clickid}, so, in our example, the basic Campaign URL is


Step 3. Start a Campaign in PopCash

To start a new PopCash campaign, open Campaigns Tab and click Create a new Campaign. Insert the Campaign URL from the previous step into the Landing URL field and Start
Campaign after approval and when you push +Create Campaign in the end of page.


Well done!