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PeerClick Payment Flow and Payment Methods

When you sign in to PeerClick for the first time, you will be prompted to select a pricing plan and then, fill out a payment form. You will be also asked to provide your payment details and confirm all the provided data. There are four easy-to-go-through steps to optimize the payment process as much as possible and make it the most comfortable and safe for you.

PRICING PLAN tab: In the first step you need to make a decision which PeerClick plan you want to choose. PeerClick offers you four cost-effective pricing plans: Starter, Basic+, Advancets, Exclusive, that scale with your needs and custom ones if you want to run campaigns with large numbers of events. Even more, you can go to the PeerClick official website and estimate the cost of your overages using the PeerClick cost toggle:! Once you have selected the plan, you can go to the next step with your payment details.

INVOICE tab: In this tab you need to provide details that will be used to generate a monthly invoice for you. If you provide your payment as a natural person, you should provide the data in the Private subtab. If you run a business and need to get the invoice with a listed company name, you should go to the Business tab. You should also fill out the form in the Business tab, if you need to list your SSN / TAX / VAT ID on your invoice.

  • Private subtab: Provide your personal data in the form, if you want to provide a payment as a natural person. In other words, if you only need to have a confirmation of your payment but do not use the confirmation for example, for tax purposes, you should provide the data in the Private subtab.
  • Business subtab: If you run a business or provide your payment as a legal person where you need to get displayed the company name or tax ID on the invoice, you need to enter the data in this tab. If you fill out the form and do not have a tax ID then, you just need to leave the SSN / TAX / VAT ID field empty. You will still be able to use PeerClick but we will have to add an additional tax fee to the basic fee for the subscription.

PAYMENT INFORMATION tab: This is a typical payment form where you need to provide your payment details. We accept the following cards:

Credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover Card
  • Japan Credit Bureau
  • Debit card
  • Maestro

CONFIRMATION tab: The last step is to confirm all the data you have provided and accept the transfer payment. After that, you'll be able to set up and start tracking the campaigns in PeerClick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have more questions about the payment flow and payment methods? You might find the answer below:

  • Can I use the same credit card for payments on more than one PeerClick account?
  • Yes, you can. The same payment details can be used to pay for pricing plans on several different accounts.
  • All European Union citizens: Do the prices include VAT?
  • No, they don't. The pricing plan payments presented on the PeerClick official website are excluding VAT. If you are a EU citizen and do not want to pay VAT, you need to provide VAT ID while providing invoice details. Otherwise, VAT will be automatically added to your monthly invoice.
  • Do you store my credit card information?
  • No, we do not store any credit card information in our system. We use Stripe Payments to process all payment information. To learn more about the Stripe Payments platform, go to their page:
  • Can I change my pricing plan in the future?
  • Yes, of course. You can change it anytime and adjust to your needs.
  • Can I upgrade my pricing plan?
  • Yes, you can upgrade the plan anytime. To upgrade your pricing plan, perform the steps:
    1) Sign in to PeerClick.
    2) Hover over your profile (top right corner of the screen). The drop-down menu will show up.
    3) Select the Upgrade account option from the drop-down menu. The pop-up window with pricing plans will show up.
    4) Select the plan you would like to upgrade to and follow the steps in the pop-up window.
    5) Once you have finished upgrading your pricing plan, all changes apply immediately.
  • Can I cancel my pricing plan?
  • Of course, you can. When you have unsubscribed from the plan you chose, you only need to wait until the end of the billing cycle you have paid for, but no refund will be provided.

Keep in mind that when you have unsubscribed from the plan, the Unsubscribe option will disappear from the PeerClick Payment Flow form. This means that your payment method has been removed in PeerClick and your subscription will end up when your current billing cycle ends.

  • What should I do if I paid, but cannot sign in to PeerClick?
  • If you have successfully finished the payment flow, but still have issues while signing in, you need to contact PeerClick support team and inform about the issue.
  • Can I take part in a referral program?
  • Yes, of course you can. When you have signed up for PeerClick, PeerClick offers you 10% lifetime commissions on all paying referrals, both, on their base fees and overage charges.
  • How does the referral program work and where can I find referral links?
  • You can find your unique referral links in PeerClick. All sign-ups from these links will be permanently associated with your account. Visitors to these links will have 30 day cookies placed on their computers, so you may see delayed referrals. To get a referral link, perform the steps:
    1) Sign in to PeerClick.
    2) Click the setting (top right corner of the screen). Your account view will show up.
    3) Click the Referral program tab. You can find there two links, one to the PeerClick website and the second one to the PeerClick register page.
    4) Click the Copy link to copy the referral link.

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PeerClick Payment Flow and Payment Methods

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