Mgid Integration


Step 1. Setting Up Tracking in MGID

To set up conversion tracking in MGID, first you need to start a new Campaign. Follow the path Advertisers > Add Campaign on MGID Dashboard.

Navigate the Tracking Tags tab and make sure the slider is on. Tick the Add custom tracking tag. By default, it’s {click_id}.


To obtain a Postback URL for MGID, go further to the Conversions Sensors tab. There you need to specify the event type. Let’s say, you want to track conversions for buying. So here is an example of the form for this case:


It is desirable to specify your advertising campaign ID after the action name so that we can identify clicks on your advertising campaign in the system. This number can be found at the bottom of the page in the left side. You must 1st time to save your company without this numbers, than you need to going to the “campaign Settings " section with the gear icon and to put correct goal with unic campaign ID


The postback URL for this event type might look like this:{external_id}&e={conversion}123456&r={payout}. Revenue is optional and can be omitted Copy that postback. Where 123456 - your unic campaign id numbers.

Step 2. Adding MGID as a Source in Peerclick

Start with adding MGID to the list of your Sources. Navigate the Sources Tab and click a New button. Choose MGID from the catalog Load from templates and press Add. Copy the Postback URL from Step 1 and paste him to Postback field. Also you must to check the checkbox Enable postback
All the available macros are already included.


Step 3. Setting up a Campaign with Peerclick with MGID as a Source

Now you are ready to set up a new Campaign. Navigate the Campaigns tab, click the New button and specify the Campaign’s details. Do not forget to choose MGID as a Source for the Campaign. And click the Create button. Once you have entered all the details, copy the Campaign link form the correspondent field.


Wish you productive work!