Go2mobi Integration


Step 1. Find your Postback API key in Go2mobi

The first step is to obtain the api_key from Go2mobi in order to further modify the postback URL. In order to do that, open the Account tab and scroll the page down until you see the blue Conversion Tracking button. You will see your postback URL. Basically, you only need to copy the api_key inside the link.


Please note that the Postback API key found in the Conversion Tracking section is not the same as your Go2mobi API key found on the Account tab.

Step 2. Set Up Go2mobi as Traffic Source in PeerClick

The next step is to add Go2mobi as a Traffic Source in PeerClick. Go to the Sources Tab of your PeerClick account and click New. Since Go2mobi is already included in the PeerClick Sources database, just choose it from the suggested Presets. The data will be filled in automatically. In the postback URL, replace the api_key value “REPLACE” with the API key obtained during the previous step.


Step 3. Starting a Campaign in PeerClick

Now that we have our Traffic Source in place, it is time to set up a new campaign. In PeerClick, go to the Campaigns tab and click New. Submit all the relevant details, such as your desired Campaign Name, Landing Page and the offer(s) associated with this campaign. Choose Go2mobi as Traffic Source and click Save.

Your Campaign URL will be generated automatically. You may remove the macros you don't wish to use. The only obligatory parameter for conversion tracking is external_id. Copy the link to clipboard. Here’s an example of a campaign link with clickID macros added:


Well done!