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ExoClick Integration

Step 1. Setting Up Conversion Tracking in Exoclick

The first step is to create a Tracking ID code in Exoclick. To do that, please navigate the Admin panel in your Exoclick account. Follow the path Advertisers - Campaigns - Conversion Tracking - Add a new goal.

Type in the name of the goal (Peerclick) and save the changes. To obtain the tracking code, press the Tag. Find the line data-goal in the appeared box and copy-paste only the goal id.

Step 2. Adding Exoclick as a Source in Peerclick

The next step is to add Exoclick as a Traffic Source in Peerclick. Go to the Sources Tab of your Peerclick account and click New. Since Exoclick is already included to the Peerclick Sources database, just choose it from the suggested Presets. The data will be filled in automatically. In the postback URL replace the goal with the Tracking ID from the previous step. And mark the checkbox Enable postback

Step 3. Setting Up Campaign in Peerclick

Now you can proceed to launching a Campaign on Peerclick. Once you have entered all the Campaign’s details, copy the Your link from the corresponding field.

Step 4. Modifying tracking URL

Insert the obtained URL to the source and remember that you need {external_id} macros in order to properly track the clicks and conversions, e.g.{conversions_tracking}.

This link should be entered to into your ExoClick campaign under the tab Advertisers > New Campaign > Marketing Material. After clicking Add Variations button

Well done! Enjoy us and save your time and money.

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ExoClick Integration

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