EVERAD Integration


Step 1. Adding Everad as a Network in PeerClick

  1. The first step is to add Everad as an Affiliate Network in PeerClick. Go to the Networks Tab in your PeerClick account and click New. Since Everad is already included in the PeerClick Networks database, just choose it from the suggested pre-sets and click Add. The data will be filled in automatically, including clickID macros.

  2. You may add additional macros to the POSTBACK SUBIDS field. Here's the list of Postback macros supported by Everad:

  1. Copy the Postback URL and click Save.

Step 2. Setting up Postback URL in Everad

Log into your Everad account. The Network allows you to either create a Global Postback URL that will apply to all Offers, or set up individual Postbacks upon creating an Offer. In our example, we will be adding a Global Postback.

  1. Go to Campaigns ->Global postback:

Global postback will fire for all your campaigns

When a postback is configured in one of the campaigns, it has priority over the global one.In this situation, the postback, specified in the campaign, will fire.

  1. Save the changes.

Step 3. Obtaining Offer Link from Everad

  1. Choose the Offer you would like to promote and request access from your Account Manager:
    Offers->open the desired offer->request access
  1. After it is approved, go to "My Offers" -> Create a campaign (at the bottom of the page):
1211 1127
  1. Fill in the required fields, choose a lander if applicable and save the Campaign:
1028 916
  1. Go to the campaigns list, open a link builder and add PeerClick {clickid} macro under sid1 parameter and copy the URL:

Step 4. Creating an offer in PeerClick
Return to your PeerClick account. Go to Offers tab and click New. Fill in the relevant details, such as Payout and your desired Offer Name, choose Everad as Affiliate Network. Postback URL will be filled in automatically. Paste your unique offer link from the previous step into the URL field, specify country and click Save.


Step 5. Creat Campaign in PeerClick