Adcash Integration


Step 1. Adding Adcash as a Traffic Source in PeerClick
To add Adcash to PeerClick open the Sources tab and click New. Choose Adcash from the catalog and press Add. Adcash postback URL and all the available macros will be already added to the Source.


Step 2. Creating a tracking code in Adcash

Let’s start with creating a tracking event. Navigate the Tracking tab and click Goals.

Fill in the form:

  • Enter the name of the event
  • Choose the Action category from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the Counting settings
  • Choose the Tracking platform.
  • Choose the Global Postback URL (S2S) in the right side
  • Choose the necessary protocol (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • Add Personalized event parameters in our example it {external_id} for click id and payout for Dynamic price value

You can copy to clipboard the Postback URL from the box on the right. And after Verify tracking

Step 3. Starting a Campaign in PeerClick

Now you can add a new Campaign with Adcash as a Source. Fill in the Campaign’s details and copy the Campaign URL from the corresponding field:


By default, all Adcash macros are added to the URL, so you can manually remove those parameters, that are not needed for the current Campaign. The only macros you need to leave in order to properly pass the conversions is the external_id, e.g.[zone]&time=[time]&lang=[lang]&country=[country]&campaign=[campaign]&external_id=[clickid]

Step 4. Launching a new Adcash Campaign

With the Campaign link in place, you are ready to launch a new Campaign in Adcash. Navigate Campaigns - Create a Campaign:


Enter the name of the Campaign and paste the Campaign URL from the previous step into the Product URL field. Complete the remaining steps and save the Campaign.

Step 5. Setting Up PeerClick to pass conversions to Adcash

Finally, to register a conversion on Adcash, you need to set up Postback within PeerClick from Step 2.
Navigate the Postback settings tab in the Sourcec . The Postback URL will already be populated.
Please mind that you need to replace the {payout_type} and the {advertiser_id} with the actual own values. advertiser=120300 type=Registration in our example.
And mark the checkbox Enable postback


Well done!