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I want back my money

I forgot to cancel my subscription. I don't work with traffic anymore. I don't need a tracker. Yesterday I was charged $100 without warning. The tracker suited me completely, I recommended it to my friends, but I just don't need it anymore. And the money was withdrawn from me at an extremely uncomfortable moment of life. Please return the money.

how aff affiliate program on your site?

how aff affiliate program on your site? I want to publish a guide on how to work with a new affiliate network But I can't find a way to do it. Tell me where this can be done?

Optimize Blogs

How do I optimize blogs for lead generation?

Cross-domain click ID tracking and postback

Hi, I want to track Outbrain ads that will send clicks firstly to a presell page on a Wordpress site (Domain A) which then clicks through to a Shopify funnel (Domain B) to make a purchase. My questions: 1. Is Peerclick capable of passing through the necessary Outbrain params (ad_id, ad_title, etc) all the way through to Shopify checkout? 2. How would this be configured on the both Wordpress and Shopify sites. Thanks.

iframe pixel

Hey Team, Do you support tracking via iframe pixel? I buy media on facebook and need integration as such.

What is that

What is that http://2715942248.peerclicktrk.com/offer "This flow wasn't found."